Riflescopes are really getting popular these days. People, whose jobs and hobbies include shooting and using guns and rifles, need all the help and assistance they can get. Using guns and rifles is a very crucial thing, since it can be dangerous to the users as well as the people around if guns and rifles are used incorrectly. Many companies have come forth with various kinds of riflescopes, with many features and specifications that can be selected according to ones requirements and specific needs.

Overview of the riflescope:

Riflescope is an attachment that is attached to a rifle or gun, and it helps in improving the focus, clarity, target and lighting while you shoot or practice shooting. A good riflescope must be accurate and precise. It should be perfectly built to accommodate the rifle, without adding to the bulk or length of the gun or rifle in any way. All the qualities make for a best riflescope. However, using it incorrectly can make it useless or even dangerous, so you must have a know-how of the usage and mounting of a riflescope. Following is how you use a riflescope:

Step 1: Before mounting a riflescope, you must make sure of a few things. First of all you should have a gun wise. Secondly choose a very well lit area for mounting a riflescope.

Step 2: Another prep step that you need to make sure of is that you must get rid of any filler screws with a perfectly fitting screwdriver. Do this to all holes except grooved receivers.

Step 3: Make sure to degrease all the parts of the riflescope. This includes all the mount parts such as the top of the receiver, bottom of the bases and rings. This may differ for different brands and makes.

Step 4: The next step is to install the rings, at the bottom half of the bases. Use a properly fitting screw driver or a wrench that fits perfectly. Depending on whether your device is built in the leopald, picattiny or weaver system, you will need to use a wooden dowel or a non-marring screw driver.

Step 5: It is always beneficial to have a scope and ring alignment tool for this step, since  your scope tubes can be prevented from damage that may cause by rings that are not properly aligned. First properly align the rings and then remove the bottom half, where you will fit your scope. Then lightly re install the top half rings.

Step 6: Now that your riflescope has been aligned and set up, you need to set up target. Look through the bore of your gun. To be more precise you may use a boressighter.

Step 7: The next step is the setup of proper elevation setting. You will need to change your bases accordingly so that you don’t end up misaligning the rings.

Step 8: The next important thing is to do lapping on the rings of your riflescope. This will make the edges smoother, and ensure maximum scope to ring contact as well as prevent scratches.